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About GHash.IO

GHash.IO Mining Pool

GHash.IO is the most famous Bitcoin mining pool launched back in 2013. Apart from mining Bitcoins, GHash.IO users can also mine altcoins, such as LTC, DOGE via scrypt mining feature.

GHash.IO offers easy setup and advanced statistics, as well as guarantees a stable hash rate and immediate mining payouts. 24/7 technical support and free SMS notifications make the mining process more accessible and more convenient. Users also have the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies on CEX.IO while mining them at GHash.IO.

Connection with CEX.IO

Due to shared account credentials between GHash.IO and CEX.IO, users are able to gain from simultaneous cryptocurrency mining and trading. Mined coins can be exchanged on the trading platform or kept in a secure cold storage.


GHash.IO prioritises technical advancement for mining and trading options and provides a stable hash rate for its users.


For SHA-256 and scrypt mining GHash.IO relies on PPLNS (“Pay per last N shares”), a reward distribution system, according to which the compensation is given out to shares in an opening beginning with the last registered share going backwards up to a certain number of shares. Shares outside of the opening are not being compensated. Shares are considered to be hashes smaller than the target for difficulty 1. Every hash has the possibility of being a valid share, which equals to 1 in 232. For the reason of gaining a more dispersed and predictable sequence, miners group into pools. In the end, miners are rewarded with coins according to their shares.

Merged Mining

GHash.IO offers a merged mining option of Bitcoins (BTC) and Namecoins (NMC). CEX.IO offers an opportunity to exchange Namecoins into Bitcoins, keep NMC in the safe cryptocurrency cold storage, or withdraw coins to personal wallets.

Scrypt Mining

GHash.IO also offers scrypt mining of Litecoins (LTC) and Dogecoins (DOGE).

Currently, users have the possibility to exchange NameCoins for Bitcoins and Litecoins or simply reinvest them by purchasing more GH/s.